Keyboard Lessons

Despite a large number of similarities between Piano and keyboard, there are also vast differences that must be taken into account when looking for an instructor in either discipline. If you are looking to learn how to play modern pop, rock, country, blues, or other keyboard styles, it is important that you have an instructor that is well versed and experienced in the things that make the keyboard work in those styles. From understanding the different sounds that a keyboard can produce, to having the technical skills and theory backing to play what you need, in order to your role in the music. Lori Young has several decades of performance and teaching experience that she can pass on no matter what style of keyboard playing you are interested in pursuing.

For a more classical approach to playing piano (even if you are playing on a keyboard) check out Diana an Marissa Turner for piano lessons. However, Lori Young will be a great instructor for either style, as she is very experienced in both.

Keyboard Instructor

      Richard Van       Oosterom

    Richard Van