HOHNER Special 20 Harmonica


HOHNER Special 20 Harmonica


The Hohner Special 20 has the claim to fame of being the most copied Harmonica design as it was the first diatonic harmonica to have the reed places recessed into the comb and having a plastic mouthpiece, which aids in the comfort and durability of the Harmonica. It has a beautiful mellow tone to it that suits anything from country and folk to rock and pop.
It comes with a nice grey plastic carry case for protection through all your journeys with your harmonica.

Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 0.9 mm

Reed plates (surface): brass

Reeds (number, material): 20, brass

Comb (material, color): ABS, black

Comb (finish): ABS

Mouthpiece (surface): ABS

Cover plates: stainless steel

Keys: HG, F#, F, E, Eb, D, Db, C, B(H), Bb, A, Ab, G

Type: diatonic

Tuning: Richter/Country (Country just in F#, F, E, Eb, D, Db, C, B(H), Bb, A, Ab, G)

Number of holes: 10Length:10.2 cm / 4.0"

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They are available in all 12 Major keys as well as a few extras. We do our best to keep stock of all the variations, but if we are out of stock on the model you are looking for, please let us know and we can order it in right away.