Vox Mini5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Amp

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Vox Mini5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Amp

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The Vox Mini5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Amp is the perfect amp to take with you anywhere. This Mini amp has 11 models of amps built into it including a variety of british, US, and Vox amps such as, high gain, 80’s, and 90’s, Metal, Tweed, AC30 and more. It also has 8 built in effects (Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, and Compression, as well as 2 Delay types and 2 Reverb types to choose from. They are on 2 separate channels so you can run them simultaniously.

This Amp also has a bulit in drum machine with 99 different drum patterns in 11 different catagories, as well as adjustable tempo speed and volume.

The Mini5 Rhythm also has a line setting which makes the amp capable of working with a wide range of instruments from acoustic guitars, to ukuleles, basses, keyboards and more. It also has a second channel for a microphone, which too will work for any instrument needing clean volume amplification. The second channel of effects can also be applied to the mic input channel for greater versatility.

The sound quality of the modeled amplifiers is second to none on amps in this price range, and the effects are simple yet effective. The ability to run the amp off battery power, carry it with a guitar strap, run two inputs at the same time, and work for nearly any instrument type all works to make this one of the most useful practice amps or busking on the market.

MINI5 RHYTHM Specification

Amp model: 11 types

Effects: 8 types

Delay/Reverb: 4 types

Audio Inputs: INPUT x 1, MIC IN x 1, AUX IN x 1

Audio Outputs: Headphones x 1

Power amp output: Maximum output is approximately 3W RMS @4Ω

Speaker: 5 inch; 4Ω

Signal processing: A/D conversion = 24-bit, D/A conversion = 24-bit, sampling frequency =44.1 KHz

Tuner detection range: E1-E6 (41.2 Hz - 1,318.5 Hz)

Power supply: AC adaptor (included); 6 x AA batteries

Battery life: Maximum 12 hours (using alkaline batteries)

Current consumption: 175 mA

Dimensions (W x D x H): 262 x 174 x 223mm/ 10.32" x 6.85" x 8.78"

Weight: 3.0 Kg / 6.61 lbs. (Excluding batteries)

Color Variations:
Black (MINI5-RM-BK)
Classic model a classic model with the traditional VOX diamond grill cloth (MINI5-RM-CL)
Ivory (MINI5-RM-IV)

Accessories: AC adapter, strap (included)

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