Specialty Banjos

Banjos come in many shapes and sizes, especially with the recent innovations in instrument crossovers. Many of the brands we carry now offer banjoleles (banjo-ukuleles), banjolins (banjo-mandolins) and banjo-guitars. Designs for these types of instruments are typically based on the non-banjo instrument’s general size and tuning with certain attributes of banjos added in. For example, a banjolele is sized, tuned, and played like a ukulele while a banjo head and resonator are added to emulate the distinct banjo look and sound. The banjo-guitar (also known as the six-string banjo) is very similar in size and design to other banjos except that it has six strings and has borrowed standard guitar tuning. While these instruments may seem novel, they really are quite versatile as they allow you to create a banjo sound while playing instruments already familiar to you (such as the ukulele or the guitar.) The portability of small banjoleles may also be an attractive feature for musicians wishing to bring a banjo sound with them on the road.

A selection of speciality banjos are available to us from the brands listed below. Typically, we have models from each of these brands in stock as well as the ability to order any product from their lineup at any time. Let us know if there is a particular model from one of these brands that you are interested in and we will provide details on pricing, current stock, or your special order options.