Tenor Banjos

Tenor banjos are a less common variation of the instrument than five-string banjos but we do still occasionally have them in stock and are able to order them in at any time. Tenor banjos are characterized by a shorter scale neck (19 ½ to 21 ½ inches) and are equipped with only four strings. Unlike five string banjos for which Open-G tuning is standard, tenor banjos are tuned in fifths, similar to fiddles and mandolins. Tenor banjos are commonly played as a rhythm instrument and are not strictly held to finger-style technique. While it may seem that there are less options when it comes to purchasing a tenor banjo, our selection of banjos available both in store or by order will provide more than enough options through which our friendly and helpful staff will help you navigate.

Tenor banjos are available to us from the brands listed below. While we may not have models from each of these brands in stock, we do have the ability to order any product from their lineup at any time. Let us know if there is a particular model from one of these brands that you are interested in and we will provide details on pricing, current stock, or your special order options.