Vox AC15C2 Give-away


On May 15th 2018, we will be giving away a Vox AC15C2 and price package worth $1500.00.

The AC15C2 is a beautiful sounding all tube electric guitar amplifier with a 2x12 chassis, and Vox’s legendary top boost channel. This one is very unique by having 2 12” speakers instead of 1, which gives you a lot more volume, more clean headroom, and a fuller bass response.
The $400.00 Prize pack includes an amp Dust Cover, a capo, a tuner, a polish cloth, picks, tab paper, patch cable, a metronome, a gift certificate towards music lessons with any of our 13 music instructors and much more.

To Enter the Contest, stop by the shop on Mainstreet Leduc and snap a selfie with the guitar you would love to play through the amp. Then share that photo on Facebook or Instagram, liking and tagging The Turner Guitar Studio’s Facebook page, and using the Hashtag #TurnerAmpDraw. We will then apply a coupon for 10% off any item in store to your account that you can use any time in 2018. This can be used toward anything from some guitar picks to our Gibson guitars and everything between. Our staff will be happy to help you snap the selfie, enter the draw correctly and set-up your account to be able to use the coupon.

So not only do you get a chance to win a prize pack and amp worth $1500.00, but you also get a great discount on any item in store.



Here's a video we made explaining how the contest works: